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Nowadays, there is a great problem for those, who wants to get a job, but has no professional practice, to write an efficient resume. The matter is in the insufficient professional experience. What information must he or she put there? Is it just enough to specify his or her part-time work? Will it help? These and many other questions are essential now for the University juniors and graduates. The career counselors are sure, that this problem can be seen differently. Anyway, the people, who treat their work responsible, who wants to and has an ability to listen the other people, who has a clear idea about the company policy, he or she has been working at, are of a demand among the employers. All these skills are to be taken into account. So they seem to be universal and you can list them boldly in your resume.

It is not surprising, that thousands University juniors or even newly-fledged graduates have any idea, how to get a professional resume for employment purposes. Nevertheless, these young people can ask for help the career specialists and coaches. The needed assistance they can also find by professional resume writers. As the famous proverb says, the devil is not so black as he is painted. Professionals will eagerly help them to recognize their positive sites and to present them in resume favorably. According to statistic, only several percents of the bachelor’s degree holders cannot get the job at once, just after graduation.

All in all, the secrets of a good and sufficient resume in this case are the correct chosen or defined goals of employment. You must really know what job you do want to get and what you are waiting from it. Only then you should present your former professional or any other job experience and surely underline your main profits in this activity. Sometimes it does not matter what position you have occupied before, but it is important, that you have the feeling of responsibility, staying power, the ability to solve difficult problems within a collective you are working at, and your skills to withstand the stressful situations of any kind. All these can make your candidature before employers competitive.

It is common knowledge, that traditionally people compose their resume in one and the same order. It seems to be right and defensible, as can present the potential candidate logically and advantageous. In this case, first of all there is information about the education and the level of professional training of job contender. And then such a resume proposes his or her acquirements, professional and personal skills, not excepting some special or additional abilities. But in order to get a professional resume he or she can use another sequence of facts, which is opposite to the common one. So, the skills and abilities can be put to the top, and only then there is the time to list the level of education and former job experience.

It seems to be rationally to adhere to the next advices and recommendations, given bellow. They can be useful, while composing your resume. The first one concerns the supposed goals and aims to get the vacation, you want. So:

  1. If you have already chosen the proper position or just the occupational course, you should put the information about your goals in profession at first place without fail. But you must certainly know what it means to be a manager, for instance, or to occupy the position of executive director. If you do not get any clear idea about wanted vacancy, you will unfortunately fail. You should correctly estimate your aims and skills, wishes and requirements. Do not be afraid to list all your goals, but do it attentively and after careful consideration.

  2. Another essential data you are ought to offer are your school and University education, main institution, you were studying at and the time you have graduated from. You should also mention your educational awards or other benefits, if are any. As usual the people, who have already got their own occupational experience, show the information about their educational degree as the last thing in resume. The juniors and graduates in turn should give this information at the very beginning of the list. Any academic honors and achievements are of great value for those, who want to hire an assiduous and single-eyed worker. Often the graduates, who have excellent results in the process of study show the ability to work much and thoroughly, as they succeeded to do it being the students. It is important to maintain here the facts and successful results of your practical training. Especially, if it may concern your desired job.

  1. One may ask, what he should do, if his or her major does not entirely correspond to the desired career? Certainly, your career may favour now, after graduation, differs a little. But you can surely mention the other courses (that is, not professional), which you have passed at the university. Perhaps, your coursework was devoted to several practical or scientific subjects. It is even better. You get more possibilities to arouse the interest of your potential employers.

  2. Do not be afraid to mention in your resume even a low-paid job which you have ever had. As for employers it is more significant to find out what professional qualities you have received in the working process, for example, as a shop assistant or as a nurse at the kindergarten, than to know how much money you have earned. So, if you are good at selling cars, it means you know about their working mechanism, technical features and details. It is not inconceivable, that you can easily orient yourself in book-keeping and marketing. All these can also present you as a self-disciplined and accurate person, who owns special professional knowledge. Some general, even personal features, which you have been receiving, while working anywhere you had a chance for, form you as an integral specialist, who can be used at different, often not associated between one another career spheres. In other words, having a successful teaching practice you can pretend to a vacancy of psychologist or even a seller, as these professions suppose the communication between people, which is not always simply and pleasant. These occupations demand the creative persons, who like and want to work out new strategies and technologies. They can speak well and they can listen also perfectly.

  1. It is common knowledge, that the people cannot develop themselves just studying at educational institutions. They can also find different additional occupations that belong to their personal range of interests. University juniors re engaged in various creative groups, clubs and sport sections. What can a good worker achieve from these activities? Someone learns to be active and get enduring disposition, someone fight against different fears and complexes. Someone may just have fun and get new non-trivial skills and abilities, such as drawing or singing or sawing. It is not surprising that in the future hobbies can turn into a profession.Very often it may happen, that the leading skills one can get, while managing one’s students group or club. And the intelligence about this in the resume of a graduate will serve him or her the good turn and will attract the employers.

  1. It is strictly recommended to think about the future profession and career long before student’s graduation. That is why students take part in various projects, which can or cannot concern their major. They should be interested and involved in different spheres of human life. It is substantial to take a shot at something really actual and relevant for nowadays. And only in this case the future specialist will have a successful career. Many students are choosing the corresponding coursework and developing it during the whole study process. They can certainly place the data about it, their successful results and goals in resume. It will surely help.

  2. As for grammatical and stylistic peculiarities or features of the resume text itself, one should remember, there shouldn’t be unnecessary information, tedious lexis and especially one must avoid mistakes and misprints. Make your texts understandable and unambiguous. Use active verbs and word phrases. Do not fill your text with metaphors and allegories. These stylistic means are irrelevant here. Let your text be active and persuasive. Use only Present Simple, as you now possess skills and abilities and educational possibilities. The verbs, which have ending “ing” or gerund forms of the verbs are to be kept off.
  3. There is another secret to get professional resume and make it attractive for the future employers. Place into your resume data with numbers. They can make your resume solid and noteworthy to be noticed. What should the employer say, if you, for instance, organized a thematic party for more than 100 children? What should he or she react, if you have sold 50 articles of clothes per day and earn $3000? Yes, these numbers are essential and won’t certainly leave anyone indifferent. Don’t be afraid to open your perfects cards before the others and your efforts will be rewarded. But be always honest! Do not lie. Sooner or later the truth comes to the surface and you will have any possibility to pure your reputation.
  4. Sometimes it is useful to look at your career and future occupation under another aspect. Try to estimate your profits and shortcomings. Try to analyze your wishes and preferences in your occupational direction and you will understand that all the owned knowledge can help you to achieve your main goals. There are a lot of true stories, which can show us that people will stop at nothing in order to reach their aim in every deal they are interested in, especially if the matter is in the future career. One can find any way to get the desired results. One girl was eager to be a doctor, to study at a medical University and to establish a cancer clinic of a new age. The ideas were perfect and useful, as many people are suffering from this disease. She had no money, no relatives and friends who could help her to get some money for her study. So she became first a student of college and got a qualification of a nurse and worked at a hospital. There she found out a lot about cancer disease and learned how to look after such patients. That was her experience and hard way to be a doctor. The acquired abilities and knowledge helped her to enter the University and to become a really professional doctor. You may say that it is a long and difficult way to gain one’s end, but there are no other. So, listen to your heart and wishes carefully and you will get a success.
  5. So the last, but not the least point in the process of getting a professional resume. In other words, the form or format of resume. It exists surely a generally accepted plan of composing the resume. And it is correct, as well as it concerns the official document. By the standard planning the resume includes firstly professional aims, then level of education, professional skills and experience.
  6. Many use it and get job. But there appearsanother question. Why shouldn’t anyone change it and make more appropriate according to his or her career goals and wishes, professional skills and educational level? You can certainly exchange the components and thus construct or design your image. It is recommended by the specialists and career coaches to put to the first place all your skills and abilities, the data and results of your professional trainings, and only then mention your education. It seems to be well-taken and useful. It is widely believed, that education without a talent and eagerness to achieve the goals is nothing. As a rule the person is judged for his actions and results and only these can play a great role by choosing a vacancy or a worker.

The modern companies, which are looking for the staff, can easily enter the required professional skills into the search box and find a great demand of considerable resumes on the Internet. So, the professional skills and abilities constitute the main index for headhunting and these features seem to be priorities.

Making a conclusion, it is important to mention that the real resumes are written for real purposes. You may have no idea how it is correct to get a professional resume, but if you have real goals and purposes, doing this is no hardship. The text of resume must be written carefully according to your dreams!

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